Cirque Inspiration Show and Tell

From the post: Cirque Inspiration:

Swirled (I like these better)

Scraps ground and swirled

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Ideas 3 list Show and Tell

From the post: Ideas 3:

11. Twist gold and trans, flatten. Marble gold and trans. Layer both with trans

The twist got lost when I rolled this thru the pasta machine. They do show some interesting layering effects though. Front and backs shown

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Fixing Mistakes Show and Tell

From the post: Fixing mistakes:

I might just toss these into the Fuglies pile. 

And others without the mistake made on the same day. 2 of these also have a butterfly made using Cristalline’s tutorial:

And a set with just the butterfly:

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Clay frit beads on black base show and tell

Clay frit beads on black base:

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Mica Shift Show and tell

From the post: Awesome mica shift technique:

Front and backs



My uploading seems to have gone away so here’s the last 2 I wanted to show.

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Product Testing

I did some product testing for Polyform back in March.  Not sposed to give any details but it was clay formulas and quite a lot of fun.  I just got my reward goodie pack for doing it.

If just the fun of testing new products wasn’t enough, this goodie pack is just awesome.  I got the Jewelry Collection push mold, Snuggle Buddies push mold (not my style so I may sell it), a 2 oz pack of Premo translucent, and a package of Ultra Light.  I’m thrilled!  While I prefer trans with bleach, without bleach is still usable.  I have a pack of Ultra Light but haven’t done much with it.  Now with another pack, I can maybe try some larger project where scrap clay as an armature would be too heavy.  The jewelry push mold looks intriguing.  I can’t wait to play with it.

Can’t play just yet.  I have beads to photo, beads to glaze and posts to make here to make since some of the beads to be photoed are from my ideas lists here.  That’s provided that the rumbles I hear in the distance don’t make me shut down my puter.  Tis the season for thunderstorms here in the midwest.

Edited to add:  As per usual, forgetful me forgot to charge her camera batteries.  I still hope to get the photos taken, edited and uploaded and make the related posts but it may not get done til later this evening.  On the other hand, I’ll get to play with my new stuff sooner.  And I thought of another use for the ultralight – bases for those long tapered beads I was talking about in my last post.

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“less is more” theory

Check out the picture at the bottom of this post:

Nouvelle rubrique “coup de coeur”

The long tapered beads intigue me. They’re simple yet striking. The disc beads are interesting as well. I’m thinking of making some of the long beads, in my usual colors of course – keeping the decorations simple – a few cane slices, an undecorated blend, one textured without a patina – trying a “less is more” theory. That’s territory I don’t travel often so it’ll be something of a challenge to resist to call of “more”. I’m very fond of making beads that have a lot going on – a lot to look at.

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Secret of creating

I think I may have found my secret of creating beautiful things.

I made a vase today in the CF style.  I picked the background colors, had the idea to put a fish, seahorse and a turtle on it and then stopped thinking.  I just went where my muse took me. 

Wrapped the background blend around the vase and smooshed it to cover it all.  Smoothed it some.  Then started adding other elements – seaweed, swirls, etc.  No thinking at all, just grabbing what was nearest, twist, smoosh, swirl and place.  Then I grabbed my gem drawer and grabbed the first thing I saw in the right colors, wired and stuck it in. Repeat that last sentence a few times.

Next came the critters and they went the same way, no thought, just grab, smoosh, twist, sculpt and place.  Then I allowed a tiny bit of thought to see wire showing on the sides of gems and cover them.  Then I tossed thought out again lol.  I did some sea-urchin, sea plant thingys that if I’d thought about them I’d not have done.

Then I put it in the oven before I got a chance to think about it.

I really like it.  It flows well and looks like a fanciful, whimsical sea scene – just like I wanted.

Now that I think back on it, everything I’ve ever created that I really like had very little thought put into it.  I just followed my muse and let the creativity flow.

So my secret to creating is to stop thinking.  Thinking leads to analyzing and analyzing leads to criticising and that stifles the creativity.

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Ideas 4

1.  Chain link in faux (Jade, lapis, turq, etc)

2.  Feathered beads (the drag the toothpick thru stripes kind)

3.  Faux Cinnabar pendants using the braid mold I made

4.  Trans mixed with glitters and made into beads (one color per)

5.  Silver leaf MG on black base

6.  Rub solid colored beads with pearl powder

7.  Play with Diffendaffer Mica shift techniques (I have a dvd of him)

8.  Stamp on the surface of the french mica shift technique I found.

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I seem to have developed some aversions and they’re annoying me.

I was just looking over my ideas lists, trying to decide what to make next.  I vetoed the ones requiring a clay gun cuz I really don’t like cleaning it.  Next, I vetoed the ones requiring caning cuz “I’m not in a caning mood”, which means I don’t really like nor am good at caning.  Ones using paint have been vetoed cuz I took a shower this morning and don’t want to get messy.  Pods are out cuz I don’t want to do that much work.

None of those are good reasons not to do something.  They’re just excuses.  So I sit here on the puter wasting time, reading fanfic and playing pointless games instead of creating.

On one hand I should force myself to get over my aversions and use those techniques but on the other hand I don’t want to make forced creations (they’re usually not that good in the end).  So what’s an artist to do?  I spose I’ll pull out my inspiration books and make another ideas list.  On a positive note, I did do about 3/4 of my existing lists.  (it’s all either waiting for the tumbler to be full or in the buffing/glazing stage).

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