Expanding one’s boundries

It’s my goal this year to buy every polymer clay book and video I’m interested in.  Those that turn out to be not useful to me I’ll sell on Ebay.  So far that’s over 15 books and one dvd (including the one’s I’m expecting today and the preorder that should arrive in June).  It’s difficult, if not impossible, for me to get to classes and workshops so this is my only option to learn more (besides the internet and I keep on top of all the new info I can find there).

The idea behind this is to learn everything I can and to use what I learn to move beyond my comfort zone in my never ending attempt to create the “next amazing thing”.  I consider myself to be very advanced – I know, without refering to instructions, all of the basic techniques and many of their variations and refer to instructions on more advanced things just to be sure of what I’m doing.  I do this full-time, well I have the time available, I don’t neccessarily use it – I’m a procrastinator and am horrible about time management.  And obviously, I have a tendancy to ramble uncontrollably. 

One of my hopes is that this blog will help me stay on track by having a central place to keep ideas and inspirations.  I’m also using this as a place to do book reviews on all these books I’m getting.  One of the problems I’ve run into is that there are very few book reviews for polymer clay books.  I like to know what others think and if they found it useful.  So I’m working my way through my collection, reviewing them all, in hopes of helping others.  I’m including all the info I wish I could have found before I bought them.  And there’s a slight added benefit that any purchases made at Amazon when using my links (in the same browser session and not even the item linked to) I get credit, which in turn will help me buy more books. (Hoping that will encourage you to buy.)

On a related note, how come it takes so long for orders to arrive?  This is true of supplies and books.  I know it’s only a few days in most cases but it feels like forever.  I really hate sundays when I’m waiting for orders – useless no mail day.

Update:  Grrrr!  It’s even worse when orders don’t arrive on the day expected.

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