What I make from ideas I post.

Seems I’m in a chatty mood today.

You might ask what I do with the ideas I post.  I have no pics yet as most of what I’ve made are still unfinished.  I’m in the process of making 100 or so roses for a framed “picture” inspired by Christalline.  I just finished a butterfly cane using Tewee’s tut.  I have a flying pig finished that needs to be photographed.  I have oodles of grinded clay beads, many made with a bead roller, in the tumbler waiting to run.  Also in the tumber are beads made with a cane inspired by the Cirque inspiration pic.

The problem is that I have a minimum 2 week production time for most things.  It may take me mere minutes to a couple of hours to make something but almost everything goes through the tumbler, which is only run when full.  Filling it can take a few days to a week and then it takes the better part of a week to run it through all the grits, buff, and glaze (if I remember to keep it going).  And then I still have to photograph.

Off to ponder just what to do with the butterfly cane.

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