Creating Life-Like Figures in Polymer Clay Review


Creating Life-Like Figures in Polymer Clay: A Step-By-Step Guide (Paperback)
by Katherine Dewey

The book begins with a disscussion of polymer clay brands.  Next are sections on basic sculpting shapes and tools.  Then it gets into the real sculpting.  First is the face and it doesn’t get any more detailed.  From proportion to armature to step by step thru sculpting the face and ethnic and gender differences to eyes, this book covered everything you could possibly want to know.  Next is the torso, then legs, hands and arms.    Then a discussion on different scale proportions, costumes made of clay,  and finally finishing your sculpture (hair, paint, and fairy wings.)  There are tips and tricks scattered liberally throughout the book and lots of good pictures and diagrams.

This is an amazing book.  Using it I’ve sculpted my first realistic body (and it looks pretty good).  I’ve also made a head which isn’t so good, but that’s due to my lack of talent, not the book’s intructions.  I’ve not yet gotten to arms and legs and the rest of it.  Due to my own inabilities I can’t sculpt very long without getting extremely frustrated.  That said, when I get the sculpting bug this book gets heavy use.  I couldn’t produce anything decent without it.

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