Ideas 3

1.  Brain Cane in gold, brown, black

2.  Mokume Gane with gold, silver, copper, black, (trans?)

3.  Woven beads over cornstarch peanuts

4.  Swirl beads, 2 sides flattened, rest left rounded, hole near tip of resulting triangly shape.

5. Extruded ropes, woven, braided, coiled… shaved

6. Pendants, core foiled or textured/painted, contrasting layers over top, leaving gap to see core.

7.  Grind clay, spread out and coat with paint, let dry and form into beads.  Sand excess paint off outside.

8.  Later trans, foil bits, paint splotches, glitter.  Stamp top layer with black.

9.  Rainbow blend, white layer underneath, cut shapes and apply to black base, smooth.

10.  Quilt pendants with caned, foiled, etc sheets.

11.  Twist gold and trans, flatten.  Marble gold and trans.  Layer both with trans

12.  Star pod, tadpole pod

13.  Silver and gold leaf, trans plum, hunter green, gold mokume gane

14.  Trans purple, outlined in thin white and thick trans as squared mosaic cane.  Also blue

15.  Combine 6 and 11 with gold leaf pen painted core.

16.  Metallics Mokume Gane.  Only texture is poked holes – a few widespread or many close together.  Varied sizes.

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