Ideas revist

I’m revisiting my last ideas list.  As I’m working through them, I’m finding my original notes don’t quite get across the idea I was going for.

2.  Mokume Gane with gold, silver, copper, black, (trans?)  Slice with a wavy blade parallel to the layers.

11. Twist gold and trans, flatten.  Marble gold and trans.  Layer both with trans.  Be careful not to mix the gold too much with the trans.  In the twist, make it very tight because it will spread a lot when run through the pasta machine to thin it.

13.  Silver and gold leaf, trans plum, hunter green, gold mokume gane.  Mine seems rather light in color (tho it’s not baked yet).  Just how much opaque clay can you add to trans before losing the transluceny?

16.  Metallics Mokume Gane.  Only texture is poked holes – a few widespread or many close together.  Varied sizes.  This is better done as sheet MG and the holes should be outies rather than innies.  I’m currently baking a texture sheet I made using varied sized of ball styluses.  Or maybe innies will work and I just did it wrong.  Either way, this should be interesting.

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