Fixing mistakes

Wow, things are hopping here at my blog.  My visits are increasing rapidly.  I must be doing something right lol

On to the topic I had in mind.  Fixing mistakes.  I’ve been working on some pendants using flower canes I made last spring.  I’m an impatient person and often skip steps in my hurry to get things done.  The canes are a year old and stiff and should be beaten or something to regain their elasticity – something I don’t do unless I need to reduce the cane.  So on some pendants they crackled when I ran the sheet through the pasta machine.  Now, I know then even though I didn’t beat the canes, I still could have smooshed the individual slices with my fingers to help the elasticity, but I didn’t.

So now I have pendants with crackled canes.  Do I leave them alone as a “I meant to do this thing”?  Do I bake and try to backfill the cracks and if I do that, do I use the background color, trans or a contrasting color such as black?  Do I put a layer of TLS over the top to smooth things out?  Do I scrap them and try again?  Decisions, decisions.  In the end, I’ll probably just bake, sand and sell them (the “I meant to do that” choice) out of sheer laziness.  And try to remember to beat the canes or smoosh the slices if I make more (as I probably will).

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