Secret of creating

I think I may have found my secret of creating beautiful things.

I made a vase today in the CF style.  I picked the background colors, had the idea to put a fish, seahorse and a turtle on it and then stopped thinking.  I just went where my muse took me. 

Wrapped the background blend around the vase and smooshed it to cover it all.  Smoothed it some.  Then started adding other elements – seaweed, swirls, etc.  No thinking at all, just grabbing what was nearest, twist, smoosh, swirl and place.  Then I grabbed my gem drawer and grabbed the first thing I saw in the right colors, wired and stuck it in. Repeat that last sentence a few times.

Next came the critters and they went the same way, no thought, just grab, smoosh, twist, sculpt and place.  Then I allowed a tiny bit of thought to see wire showing on the sides of gems and cover them.  Then I tossed thought out again lol.  I did some sea-urchin, sea plant thingys that if I’d thought about them I’d not have done.

Then I put it in the oven before I got a chance to think about it.

I really like it.  It flows well and looks like a fanciful, whimsical sea scene – just like I wanted.

Now that I think back on it, everything I’ve ever created that I really like had very little thought put into it.  I just followed my muse and let the creativity flow.

So my secret to creating is to stop thinking.  Thinking leads to analyzing and analyzing leads to criticising and that stifles the creativity.

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