Auctions for the week of 4-23-07

Mardi Gras Clay Frit Beads by Dystini

Fire Pendant Set by Dystini

Metallic Spaced Pendant by Dystini

Blue Dragon Eye Beads by Dystini

Pink Purple Blue Sgraffito Pendant by Dystini

Gold Black Purple Mokume Gane beads by Dystini


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Awesome mica shift technique

I’ve been searching for this tutorial for weeks!

Mica shift

It’s in French but you can get the basics from the pics or use a translater website like I did.

I’ve been looking for it after seeing some interesting things made using it on another French blog: Avec des Couleurs et de l’Imagination

Rencontre de Toulouse à Bagnères de Bigorre !

Des perles et encore des perles …

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Clay frit beads mini tutorial

These beads are inspired by glass frit lampwork beads.

First, I browsed Google images for “glass frit” images, preferably with a bead made using that frit.

Next, I picked or mixed colors to match.  You want to match the bead if possible as some glass colors react with each other and change when applied to the bead.  You only need small amounts of each color.

Next, pre-chop the colors to about 3mm square.  Place the chopped bits into a coffee grinder (dedicated to clay, of course).  Grind til mixed to your liking.

A note on using the grinder:  if it gets stuck, you have either too much clay or the bits are too big.  I usually add about 2 TBSP of bits to start and add the rest a TBSP at a time, grinding a few seconds in between.

Dump out the ground clay and spread it out, gently.  Make base beads (I did black and white).  Roll a bead in the clay bits and then roll in your hands to smooth the bits in.  Add more bits if needed and repeat.  You want the base color to show through.

Add a hole, bake, sand, buff and glaze in whatever combination and types you prefer.

Here’s some examples on white bases (the black base ones are still waiting for the buff and glaze stages).

You can also swirl them and usually they look awesome.

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Ideas show and tell

From the last Ideas list:

6. Pendants, core foiled or textured/painted, contrasting layers over top, leaving gap to see core.

16.  Metallics Mokume Gane.  Only texture is poked holes – a few widespread or many close together.  Varied sizes.

 Edges are painted gold and the backs are black clay with clay bails (which are as near the top as I could manage without showing from the front)

My favorites from each set of patterns I used.

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Auctions for the week of 4-16-07

Better late than never.  My internet’s been weird and it was all I could do to list on Monday, never mind posting here.

Copper Gold Pendant Set by Dystini

Purple Spiral Pendant Set by Dystini

Pink Black Sgraffito Beads by Dystini

Gold Black White Mokume Gane beads by Dystini

Red Silver Coil beads by Dystini

Silver Tear Beads by Dystini

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Ornamental Eggs

Yes, I know Easter has passed but I’ve never been very good at planning ahead for the holidays.  I’ve been thinking about egg vessels/boxes.  Personally I’ll use plastic eggs as I don’t have the patience for getting real eggs prepared (unless I’m doing vinegar eggs).


First up we have cloisonne eggs.  There’s tons of faux cloisonne techniques out there.  Pick your favorite.


I’d use a faux sgraffito technique to do this.  Perhaps a subtle mica shift background.  Scratch the design in after it’s baked, hit with a gold leafing pen, let dry and sand the excess leaf off.  Maybe could use henna designs or pysanky designs as inspiration.


Faberge style.  This particular one would be a subtle mica shift base layer, with thin strings of clay to create the harlequin diamonds with small stamped disks at the intersections, possibly imbed crystals in the disks.

Other ideas gained while browsing for the above pictures:

In the Faberge style, mica shift background with filigree on top.

In the Faberge style, mica shift background with decorative bands, with or without crystals.

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Lightning Cane Revised alternate download

It seems my server is being flakey and causing the pdf file to not show up for some people, so I’m uploading it here.  I’ll leave it on my server as well for those it does work for.

Download here

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Fixing mistakes

Wow, things are hopping here at my blog.  My visits are increasing rapidly.  I must be doing something right lol

On to the topic I had in mind.  Fixing mistakes.  I’ve been working on some pendants using flower canes I made last spring.  I’m an impatient person and often skip steps in my hurry to get things done.  The canes are a year old and stiff and should be beaten or something to regain their elasticity – something I don’t do unless I need to reduce the cane.  So on some pendants they crackled when I ran the sheet through the pasta machine.  Now, I know then even though I didn’t beat the canes, I still could have smooshed the individual slices with my fingers to help the elasticity, but I didn’t.

So now I have pendants with crackled canes.  Do I leave them alone as a “I meant to do this thing”?  Do I bake and try to backfill the cracks and if I do that, do I use the background color, trans or a contrasting color such as black?  Do I put a layer of TLS over the top to smooth things out?  Do I scrap them and try again?  Decisions, decisions.  In the end, I’ll probably just bake, sand and sell them (the “I meant to do that” choice) out of sheer laziness.  And try to remember to beat the canes or smoosh the slices if I make more (as I probably will).

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Auctions for the week of 4-9-07

Copper Gold Pendant Set by Dystini

Purple Spiral Pendant Set by Dystini

Red Black White Mokume Gane beads by Dystini

Blue beads by Dystini

Metallic Venetian Inspired Mask by Dystini

Purple Pink Coil beads by Dystini


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Lightning Cane revised

It’s come to my attention that my Lightning Cane, as published in PolymerCafe Magazine Summer 2005, is a bit confusing.  I’ve now revised the tutorial and it’s available as a free pdf file.

I no longer have a website to store it on. If you email me at sparkliesandmore (at) hotmail (dot) com I’d be happy to send it to you. Please put Lightening cane in the subject line.

I hope this helps clear the confusion.  If it doesn’t, please let me know and I’ll try my best to unconfuse it.

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