Ideas 5

I found a bunch more French blogs last night and I’m collecting ideas as I look through them.

1.  Trans plus paint/ink.  Mix (not fully).  Can swirl them (or not).  Oil paint specifically.

2. Brain cane edges in gold and black

3.  Cut up some of those canes I’ll never use again with a wavy blade down the length.

4.  Marble/Blended sheets, textured, cut into shapes, placed on a black background sheet and add a bail

5. Create a butterfly wing shaped template.  Cut 2 out of thick sheets of whatever.  Bevel edges.  Connect wings with a body.  Holes at tips of wings for stringing. BUTTERFLY seconde édition

6. Stained glass with TLS and ropes but in mini as pendants.

7.  Make stamps with strings of clay. cuchytapatatra.  Other ways to make stamps: medusacreations

8. Cane slices with MG background

9.  Trans Orange, Red, Yellow, Brown MG with leaf

10.  Several shades of trans green and gold MG

11.  Lacing together pieces to form a whole.  This is intriguing – first pic in the link: polycreations

12. Pink, orange, yellow pinata ink MG with leaf

13.  Turq to ultra blue blend.  Turq to ultra blue to purple blend. 

14.  Solid colored bead.  Coat with salt (to the point of not seeing the color for the salt).  Bake.  Soak to remove salt.  Leave plain or patina and sand/wash surface clean.

15.  Use blade to make lots of random shallow cuts.  Bake, patina, sand/wash surface clean.

16.  Have color days where I pick one or 2 colors and everything I make that day has to be one or both of the colors.  Then mix and match the results into sets (not neccessarily 8 of the same pattern but 2 each of 4 patterns, etc)

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