Update 1

Spring is finally arriving – sort of.  We get a day of 80 degrees, then a week of 50-60’s, many with rain.  So whenever possible I’m outside playing in my garden.  And inside, I’m working on Spring cleaning so not much on the creative side is getting done.  And I finally found a Nintendo Wii so any remaining time is taken up by that – cept today.  I’m having trouble finding a game I really like and the one I want most is out at the rental store.  Hopefully it’ll be there when my husband stops on his way home from work.

That leaves me at today.  It’s in the 60’s and raining so outside is not gonna happen.  I’m sick of cleaning.  So I’ve decided to revisit some projects that got set aside for various reasons.

1.  Making more roses.  They got set aside cuz making roses is very tedious.  I’m planning a “picture” in a frame using them.

2.  Making some leaves to hide some breakage on a dragon/rose sculpture and putting the finishing touches on it.

3.  Hoping my order from Dollar Nail Art arrives today.  They’ve got foils and other interesting things that may be useful for clay and everything is $1.  $25 minimum order.  If that arrives today, I’ll play with that this afternoon.

That should be enough to keep me busy today.  If not, I’m sure a quick glance around my clay area will find me something else to do.

 Edited to add:  No package in the mail and for some strange reason making roses gives me a headache.  Only 12 roses to go so I’m gonna keep at that despite my headache.

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