Update 2

This week got really rough late Wednesday night.  We got the news that my husband’s brother died.  Said brother wasn’t married or anything so it’s up to my husband and his dad to deal with the estate.  They’re in a town 2 hours away dealing with it today and did the same last night.  On one hand I’m relieved that I don’t have to go along and help – I can have my life nearly normal.  On the other, I’m feeling guilty that I’m getting a near normal life while my husband is not and that I’m not there to help him through this.  They’re bring back his belongings so I will be able to help with sorting through all of it.  That relieves a bit of my guilt.

That brings me to what I’m doing with my long day with my husband away.  I found this tut that I don’t want to lose: French skinner blend striped cane

I also tested how my new glitter looks in thin and thick trans on Wednesday.  They’re very good and very shimmery in either thickness.  I’m thinking of making some pendants of skinner blends with thin pieces/shapes of glitter trans on top.

I also tested the foils, aside from the purples not wanting to adhere to the clay, about half the rest had the color fade when baked – the AB ones turned silvery but flash the color as the light hits.  The rest didn’t change and look good.

I did finish the rose pic, tho I think I need to do something to the background that shows – I’m just not sure what yet.  The dragon rose sculpture is giving me fits – I fix one side and then something breaks on the other side.  I may just have to give that one up as a lost cause and try to salvage the gem beads from it and be done with it.

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  1. great ! I’m happy that you like my tuto !
    I hope, I’ll see what you’ll done !


  2. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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