Now what?

I’ve got a bunch of pendants that I’m not sure what to do with next.  They’re rainbow (pearl, sliver, gold) with various colors of glitter mixed in trans on top.  They’re baked.  Some I think can stand on their own – the mica or glitter sparkles in an interesting way.  Some need more and I can’t decide more what.

1.  stamps – as in rubber stamps.  I could stamp on top.  It’s not like I don’t have enough stamps or inks.  I’ve never really done that with anything so I’m not sure.

2.  I’ve got embossing ink and powders I could try.  Again, I’ve never done that before.

3.  I could add more layers – flowers canes maybe.  But there’s the problem of them already being baked – I won’t be able to hide the edges.  Could rolls the canes in gold or silver powder tho.

4.  Molded elements – I have some molds that might be appropriate.

5.  ?  There’s probably more I could do but I can’t think of it.

 Unrelated to the above, I need to test the adhesive I got with the nail art stuff to see if it reacts badly with the clay.  If not, I can use it with the foils that change colors when baked to add them after baking.

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