Ultralight clay

I was asked for my opinion of Sculpey’s Ultralight clay.

I ‘ve not actually finished anything using it just played around testing it.

I have some pendants waiting to be finished that use ultra light as the cores. 

It does in fact float.  The cores covered with Premo also float.

It mixes well with other clays (Premo) tho the mixed clay looks sorta speckled.  Mixes float as well (mine were about 50/50 ultra to premo). It doesn’t bend much (breaks when you try to fold a sheet in half).

Using it is weird.  It feels dry yet gets sticky.  It’s kinda feels like and looks like marshmallow.  You can use it just like regular clay – pasta machine, slicing, etc.

If you have hot hands, you may have problems.  I kept baby wipes handy to clean my hands and put it down for a few minutes when it got sticky.

Mixes sand ok, tho don’t get as shiny as premo when buffed.  I didn’t sand or buff plain ultralight.  Wait, I did sand some cores to refine the same and that worked fine.  There were some problems when I put them through the tumbler, darn things floated to the top.  They did manage to get sanded that way tho.

When I get examples, I’ll post them.

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