Quilting inspired idea

I was talking to my Mom last night (she’s a beginner quilter) and she was telling me about something called string quilting.  Basically, this is taking strips of scrap fabric and sewing it to a “foundation”, often on the diagnal.  Make a bunch of squares like this and then put the squares together into a quilt. Scrappy String Quilt Instructions

I was thinking that I could take old cane and scrap, smoosh them into strips and do the same thing.  Personally, I would make a long stack of strips, maybe 1 inch tall by 6 inches wide and cut that into squares and then put the squares together.  A basketweave pattern comes to mind.  Or cut a square on the diagnal and add a strip  of black to one cut surface.  Flip the other piece before putting back on for a sorta leaf pattern.  Put a bunch of these together to make a bigger block.

I’ll be experimenting with this today and tomorrow.  I promised Mom I’d bring her samples.

Website of variations on this theme in quilts:
Strip Twist!
String-X Quilt!

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