Strip Quilt Round 1


Click the pic to see a bigger version.  These are unbaked slices of the canes I’ve produced.  I used mostly old canes with some scrap that was sitting around.

 What I’ve learned: 

1.  Strips the thickness of the largest setting of the pasta machine are too thin.  They might work with thin strips of a contrasting color between layers to add definition.   Double that thickness might work better, with or without the defining strip. 

2.  More patience than I normally show would be good as well (let the cane rest a bit before reducing).

3.  While a mish mash of color might work with fabric, it doesn’t seem to work with clay.  So I should stick with a max of 3 colors and shades of those colors.

4.  I ought to give this a try with sheets of clay.  Slice into strips, place on a backing, cut into squares and piece together.

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  1. How about *cutting apart* old canes and using those pieces as “strips”, rather than *smooshing down* old canes? This would preserve a portion of the original design of each cane, rather than distorting it into something more marbled-like. Plus, it would make the lines of the strips much cleaner and straighter. If you’re thinking of each cane like a length of fabric, then you’d want to just cut a “strip” off of it like you would with the fabric. Just an idea 🙂

  2. Great idea. I did have that thought in passing as I was smooshing canes but dismissed it. Unfortunately I’m now out of canes I’m willing to part with lol (that I can find – I could swear I have another box of them somewhere around here). I may have to whip us some simple canes for this purpose. Thanks for the idea, Lisa. I’ll make it part of round 2.

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