My thumbs hurt!

And these are why: (Clicky on pics to see bigger)

wire001.jpg  wire002.jpg  wire003.jpg

Copper wire (recycled) and glass marbles.

Now you’re asking what’s this got to do with Polymer clay?  Well, in the future I plan to include these (the balls, not the pens).


Dad and I are planning a little art festival in a few weeks and I’d made the balls and the pens for that.  No idea what the balls were for.  They’re just fun to make (clay covered wooden balls).  Now that I’ve come up with the garden suncatchers and doodads, I’ll use the balls in those once I sand them.  No glazing tho, as I don’t have any that’s waterproof.

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Note to myself

Try this tut: Scrap feather cane

Found on polymerclaynotes

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I highly recommend taking a texture break now and then.  I was working on mica shift last night and lamenting the fact that I don’t have unusual texture to use.  I complained to my husband who promptly rummaged through his stuff and found things for me to mold.


Click the pic to see it larger.

Top left – the loop part of a macrame bracelet he made
top right – the bottom of a roll of thick hemp
bottom left – the wires from an old computer power supply
bottom 2nd from left – the main part of that bracelet
bottom 2nd from right – piece of chain mail
bottom right – my only find, a shirt of mine

I have some ideas about carving some clay for texture uses, once I find the carving bits for my dremel.

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What I’m working on

I’ve not given up on my sculpture but I have put it to the side for a bit.

I just finished (and started the tumbler with) a mega set of beads following Silastones’ lead.

Today I’m working on boxes and tins.  I just got my quarterly check from the local gallery I’m in.  I’ll be swapping out the beads that have been there for a year for the ones I have sitting around here (all have been on Ebay and not sold after several months).  I’ve got some hairties and bracelets that I’ll be taking in since  both have been selling. I also sold a tin and trinket box and those are the only items I don’t have more of sitting around.  So I’m making some.  I’m also contemplating making a cigar box purse or 2.

If you find yourself in Sheboygan, WI stop into that gallery.  They’ve got lots of cool stuff from nearly 200 local artists (local meaning from Wisconsin)

Outside the Box Gallery and More
1109 N 8th St

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Another idea I don’t want to forget.


She made 50 beads in a set of colors and each bead is different.

I want to try this. I usually make 6-8 beads that are identical (cept for the usual differences cuz they’re handmade). I think it would be a challenge to make 6-8 (or even more) beads that are all different but coordinate.

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Ramble 1

I sanded the body yesterday to within an inch of it’s life (if it was alive).  Then I filled in dips, divits and screwups and rebaked.  Need to sand the fixes smooth.  I’m debating painting with diluent now and rebaking or waiting til I’m all done.  It’s probably better to wait til I’m all done.  I’ll add arms and legs next and sand those smooth.  Then I’ll need to sand my way thru all the grits, paint with the diluent and bake again.

I also have to ponder/research painting.  Try as I might, the clay didn’t stay clean, nor did it sand clean so there is dust and stuff embedded in the clay.  I’ll need to paint to hide that and to pinken the lips and cheeks.  And paint the eye balls.  Speaking of the face, I may need to cut that off and try again.   I don’t really like how it turned out.

But all of that must wait.  I finally have some sunny/sorta warm hours today.  It’s been rainy/cloudy/foggy/cold for the better part of a week now.  And tomorrow is sposed to be hot and stormy.  I have to plant my new plants today or wait who knows how long for another chance.

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Something to try

A note to myself so I don’t lose the idea/tut:


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Sculpt Progress 1


I have a head and body done and baked.  Now I have to sand the heck out of it to smooth out the lumpies.  I tried and tried and but I cannot get it smooth before baking.  I anticipate having to add bits of clay and rebaking to get it looking smooth.  Now where did I put that 220 grit sandpaper…

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