Ramble 1

I sanded the body yesterday to within an inch of it’s life (if it was alive).  Then I filled in dips, divits and screwups and rebaked.  Need to sand the fixes smooth.  I’m debating painting with diluent now and rebaking or waiting til I’m all done.  It’s probably better to wait til I’m all done.  I’ll add arms and legs next and sand those smooth.  Then I’ll need to sand my way thru all the grits, paint with the diluent and bake again.

I also have to ponder/research painting.  Try as I might, the clay didn’t stay clean, nor did it sand clean so there is dust and stuff embedded in the clay.  I’ll need to paint to hide that and to pinken the lips and cheeks.  And paint the eye balls.  Speaking of the face, I may need to cut that off and try again.   I don’t really like how it turned out.

But all of that must wait.  I finally have some sunny/sorta warm hours today.  It’s been rainy/cloudy/foggy/cold for the better part of a week now.  And tomorrow is sposed to be hot and stormy.  I have to plant my new plants today or wait who knows how long for another chance.

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