It’s a miracle!

I’ve been on an organizing kick.  Yesterday I cleaned and organized my supply closet, which meant I could reorganize my shelves, which meant I could get some stuff up off the floor.

Then I convinced my husband to take me to Walmart to get some plastic storage drawers (the 4 on the bottom of the first pic).  I worked on reorganizing into those last night til I got too tired.  I finished today and then cleaned off my work surface.  I’m not sure that I’ve had this much room to work in…well, ever.  I’ve always had stuff on both sides of my actual working surface.

I wonder how long this cleanliness will last…



The top part (as shown in the 2nd pic) still needs some work.

I spose some of you would like to know just what I have in all those drawers.

Under the desk, left side: sandpaper, cutters, rubber stamps, scrap clay, flower canes, ground scrap clay logs (the ones that looks pretty good, the rest is on the scrap drawer.)

Under the desk, right side:  foil – plastic wrap – makin clay texture kit – bead rollers, acrylic paint, paints and inks (pinata, lumiere, pearl-ex, oil paints, stamp pads), large texture sheets, small texture sheets, marbles and wind chimes (for garden art).

On desktop, left side: canes, rocks and gemstones, wire and misc and Ultralight clay, more misc, even more misc.

On desktop, right side: 2 drawers of “I need a place to put this for now”, molds and large handmade stamps, pearl-ex and metallic paints, glitter and embossing powder, foils and leaf.

The middle shelf contains my clay, below that is assorted stuff I’ve yet to find a home for.  The drawers on that shell contain: unmounted rubber stamps, small handmade stamps, tools, canes, opened 2oz packs of clay, needles and hinges, 2 drawers of gemstone beads, 3 drawers of 2 oz packs of clay.

Up top are my clay books and videos, and stuff I need to find new homes for or put away.  On the top of the shelves up there is my artwork (stuff I’ve exhibited at a gallery) and a small box containing that which I have listed on Etsy.

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  1. Hello,

    I read on that you use a vibe tumbler to sand and polish your polyclay beads. I read your whole blog (I think) and really learned a LOT and enjoyed the trip – thank you! However , I didn’t find anything on using tumblers, just a few passing references. My main question is: What are sandpaper chips, and where do you get them from?

    Note: I’m not offering anything on Etsy yet, hope to soon. I’ve had a site on FreeWebs for two years, and haven’t updated since. Bad me! There are actually some images up there, though, in case you’d like a peek.

    I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks,

    Elen Freelander

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