Challenge results

Here’s what I came up with:  first is unbaked and then is baked.

color001.jpg  color002.jpg

I got some “who would have thought colors”.  Such as:

1.  fuchsia and fluorescent green make a brown that’s just between burnt umber and raw sienna.  color003.jpg

2.  purple and fluorescent green make a green that I was trying (and failed) to mix last fall to match a decorative kale plant I saw.  color004.jpg

And some that make sense but I never thought of trying before.

1.  fuchsia and fluorescent red make a nice red.  color005.jpg

2.  sea green and fluorescent green make a nice green.  ultra blue and fluorescent green make a nice darker green.  color006.jpg  color007.jpg

3.  Generally, adding fluorescent pink to colors makes for nice vibrant colors (you were right Lisa).

4.  The same goes for fluorescent red.

5.  fluorescent yellow makes nice greens and oranges but I like how they brighten both zinc yellow and cad yellow.  I like those mixes better than the plain yellows (and I don’t like yellow in the first place)  color008.jpg

6.  fluorescent green adds a nice kick to most greens and really give a wide variety of pleasing greens (and I’m not all that fond of green either).

7.  fluorescent pink and fluorescent red added to any kind of yellow makes very bright oranges that my husband loves.  Both brighten plain orange nicely.

8.  fluorescent red and violet make a nice raspberry color.  color009.jpg

9.  fluorescent green and violet makes a green that’s very close to sap green premo.  color010.jpg

10.  fluorescent pink and violet makes a color almost identical to fuchsia premo.

 Now to mix up larger batches of some of these colors.

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  1. Looks like you’ve been having fun with that 🙂

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