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Chris has sent in some suggestions for the title of the Glow book.  (I’m worse than you, Chris, in coming up with titles.  That’s why I’m asking for help lol).  I like some of them.

I thought of some ideas for future ebooks.  I’d like some opinions on whether you think they’re worthwhile.

1.  Eggs – both plastic and real – cleaning real ones – where to get both types – how to cover – vinegar eggs – making stands and how to hang

2.  Finishing – sanding, buffing and glazing by hand and with machines.

3.  Creativity and Inspiration – this one takes some explaining.

I’m thinking that people may not know how to look at a picture and pull inspiration from it.  I’m thinking of picking 5 very different pics and showing:

A.   how to pull a color scheme from one pic

B.  Finding a pattern

C.  Finding a pattern in one pic but using colors from a different one

D.  Making a cane (probably geometic)

E.  Making a flower cane from a pic.

 So do these books sound like good ideas?  Is there something more you’d like to see in one of them?  Opinions, please!  Good or bad, I want to hear them all.

Email me at sparkliesandmore@hotmail.com

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Lisa has sent in some suggestions for a title for the Glow ebook.  I’m pondering them, trying to decide if I like hers better than mine.  I’ve decided to send a free copy of the Glow ebook to whoever sends in the title I pick.

I’m planning a part 2 of my Color Combos book.  I’m willing to take contributions.  Send me the recipes (please include the clay brand) or pics (that I’ll figure out the recipes to).  You’ll receive credit so include your name and website/email if you have one and/or want to.

 I’m also open to suggestions for new ebook subjects.

I’ve done basics on Mokume Gane, Mica Shift, Beginner Canes, Color Mixing, Animal Prints, Faux Techniques, and the first Color Combos book.  They’re all available on Etsy:
Ebooks on Etsy

Email suggestions and ideas to sparkliesandmore@hotmail.com

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Sneak Preview of my upcoming ebook

I’m nearly finished with a new ebook.

It’s a comprehensive look at Glow in the dark clay with recipes and techniques.

An excerpt:

“Glow in the dark clay. It’s a sickly white. It’s only useful for kid’s room switchplates, Halloween ghosties and similar things, right? Wrong!

This book will contain color recipes and techniques to use Glow clay that are pretty and useful for adults as well as kids.”

Click on the pics to see bigger versions:

Some colors glow better than can be captured by my camera.



 On a side note, black lights are really fun! lol

I’m also open to suggestions for a title.  Currently I’m thinking of “Everything you ever wanted to know about Glow clay.” But that seems rather long.

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Tumble sanding clay

I’ve just had a comment with some questions about tumbling clay from Elen. (Hi Elen)

 The main question is “What are sandpaper chips, and where do you get them from?”

The quick answer is: Chips are small pieces of sandpaper and I make my own.

I sand using 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, and 2500 grits of wet/dry sandpaper.  Small items (beads) are sanded using a vibratory tumbler (not a rotary).

This is how I do it:

1.  Take a piece of sandpaper and place it back side up on a surface.  Place the tumbler bowl top down on top and trace around it.  Cut out the resulting circle.  Fold the circle in half and then half again.  Cut about halfway up the fold line, forming an X in the middle of the circle. 

2.  Now take a second sheet of sandpaper and cut 2 strips from it the long way.  These strips should be just a little less wide than the height of the tumbler bowl.

3.  Take the scraps from cutting these pieces and cut them into chips no more than 1/2 inch X 1/2 inch.

4.  Place the long strips of sandpaper inside the tumbler bowls along the side.  Place the round piece in the bottom of the bowl.  The X allows the center part through and the rest will wrinkle and fold a bit .  It’s not going to be pretty so just force the circle sheet down as best you can. 

5.  Place a layer of beads in the bowl and sprinkle some sandpaper chips over them.  Add another layer of beads and then more chips.  I normally do 2 layers.  The bowl should be 1/2 to 3/4 full of beads and chips.

6.  Add water to just cover the beads and chips.  Tumble for at least 6 hours.  I’ve gone as long as 12-14 hours with no ill effect.

7.  Repeat with each sandpaper grit in order from smallest to largest.

 When the paper looks used up and worn out, I cut it up into more chips and add them to the mix.  Then I cut a new circle and sides for that grit.  Eventually you’ll have too many chips.  Just toss the extras in the garbage.

It’s a bit of a pain to separate the beads from the chips but it’s less of a pain than sanding beads by hand for a week solid.  Let the sandpaper and chips air dry on a towel and once dry put in a ziploc bag til the next time you need to sand.

Why a vibratory tumbler and not a rotary?  A vibratory is more quiet and better for not round shapes.  I can’t keep it in the same room as me as the vibrations give me a headache but one room away is fine.  (It lives in the kitchen right now).

Where do I get those grits of sandpaper?  Automotive supply stores, automotive paint stores, Walmart’s automotive section may or may not have them, or my personal favorite – Ebay.  You don’t have to use all of them.  If you can’t find the higher ones, you can skip them.

Here’s some links to some Ebay sellers.  I’ve not bought from these sellers personally (I bought mine a few years back and that seller is gone and I still have plenty of paper left).

Impressions in Polymer Clay by TJM – check the The ODD -itty Shop category

Joe’s Custom Pens – check the Pen Making Tools & Supplies category

Designs by Adolia – check the Sandpaper category

18 Sheets of Wet & Dry Sandpaper; 6 Grits 800 to 2500

Hope this answers your questions Elen 😉

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New ebook

I’ve not been neglecting my blog.  I’ve just not had anything to say.  I’ve just been working on tumbling and glazing and not been making anything new, cept for this ebook.

50 Color Combos


It’s on Etsy. Click the pic to go there.

Next up is an ebook on how to use glow in the dark clay. It seems to me that people are intrigued by it but don’t know how to use it besides the obvious glow in the dark stars.

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