ebooks again

Chris has sent in some suggestions for the title of the Glow book.  (I’m worse than you, Chris, in coming up with titles.  That’s why I’m asking for help lol).  I like some of them.

I thought of some ideas for future ebooks.  I’d like some opinions on whether you think they’re worthwhile.

1.  Eggs – both plastic and real – cleaning real ones – where to get both types – how to cover – vinegar eggs – making stands and how to hang

2.  Finishing – sanding, buffing and glazing by hand and with machines.

3.  Creativity and Inspiration – this one takes some explaining.

I’m thinking that people may not know how to look at a picture and pull inspiration from it.  I’m thinking of picking 5 very different pics and showing:

A.   how to pull a color scheme from one pic

B.  Finding a pattern

C.  Finding a pattern in one pic but using colors from a different one

D.  Making a cane (probably geometic)

E.  Making a flower cane from a pic.

 So do these books sound like good ideas?  Is there something more you’d like to see in one of them?  Opinions, please!  Good or bad, I want to hear them all.

Email me at sparkliesandmore@hotmail.com

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  1. I think the creativity and inspiration one sounds intriguing – I’m sure a lot of people would like to know how to do those things. I’m not sure how you could explain that, though – pulling a color scheme from a single photo, for instance, just feels like instinct to me. You may be more eloquent than I am, though 🙂

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