I’m very upset with myself.

My stove is electric and the oven is controlled by 2 knobs.  One controls baking temp AND turns it to broil.  The other controls broiling temp.  Both must be on bake settings or it broils.  Well, I used the broiler to make supper last night.  Later I had things to bake.  Yep, you guessed it, I broiled my items instead of baking them.


This is the top of a cigar box purse I was particularly pleased with.  (of course I was pleased with it.  Stuff I don’t really care about never burns).


These are beads from one of the Combos ebooks that I’m working on.  These don’t bother me so much.  I have the recipes so they won’t be too hard to remake and some of them turned out funky anyway.

I think I can salvage the rest of the purse.  I’ll just have to make a new top.  It’s slightly discolored along the top edges but I already needed to put some sort of edging on so that will be easy to hide.

I’m beginning to think making cigar box purses is cursed for me.  I had covered this box before but didn’t really like it and never got around to finishing it.  So I removed that cover and put this one on.  I swear, if this one gets messed up again, I’m tossing the whole thing in the trash and giving up for awhile.

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