Change is in the air

It’s that time of the year where my focus changes from Polymer Clay to seed beads.  That’s not to say I stop claying but more of what I do is beaded ornaments.

 This year I’ve decided not to put up my big Christmas tree and instead picked up a little 3 foot one that fits on the shelf that’s in the corner between my puter desk and my clay area.  I put the lights on it yesterday but no ornaments.  I’ll do that closer to Christmas.

I also have to retrieve my beaded ornaments from Dad’s house.  I’d taken them over there cuz we were going to have an art sale but it fell through.  Once I get them back I may take new pics of them hanging in the tree.

Right now I’m working on an ornament that I owe someone for a favor she did for me last year.  It’s giving me fits.  I’d started one last year that used bugle beads and they kept cutting the thread.  I was repairing more than I was adding new.  So I scrapped that one.  Then I tried a new design but it wouldn’t lay right.  I like the design and I think I’ve figured out how to adjust it so it lays better.  I’ll start that later today.

If you’d like to see (and maybe purchase) the ornaments I’ve done in the past go here to Etsy.

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  1. Hi Dys. I’ve been told that FireLine or SpiderWire (fishing line) are the best thing to use for beading with bugle beads or crystals that may have sharp edges. I have some of both if you would like to try them out.


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