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I was intrigued by the Zentangle Post at Polymer Clay Notes a few days ago and grabbed a handy pad of paper and a pen and started doodling.  I finished 2 of them and had them sitting in a bowl on my desk wondering what to do with them now.

This morning, I had the thought of transfering them to clay.  The pen I used smears on coated papers and I thought it might transfer just by burnishing it onto the clay.  So I tried that.  Let it sit a few minutes and nothing.  Thought of the gin transfers I’ve heard of.  Grabbed my bottle of rubbing alcohol  and a cotton ball and rubbed some over the back of the paper on the clay.  Peeled up a corner and oooooooo – it transfered.  Removed the paper and set the clay aside to dry.

Ok, now what?  It needs color as I just used plain white clay.  Grab my Pinata inks since they’re translucent.  Dab some on alcohol soaked cotton balls and dab over the clay.  Cool, I can still see the transfer.  Dab several colors on.  Looks good.  Ok, cut into shapes for pendants.  They’re in the oven now.

I’ll work up a tut with pics next week and post it.  The paper I used is just plain paper, like you’d use in a printer.  Maybe a little thicker than that.  The pen is a Pilot PreciseGrip Extrafine.

In the future I might color the clay first.  Use a light hand with the alcohol when rubbing it on the paper – it just needs to be damp, not soaked.  Too much makes the ink run.  I’ll probably need to cover the surface somehow.  This time I’ll probably paint it with a coat of TLS but in the future I’ll put a superthin layer of translucent on it before I cut it into shapes.

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