Zentangle problems

This is what I get for puting off writing the tut.

I found myself with time today so I thought I’d at least take the pics of the process.

It seems the paper is the most important item in this equation.  And the bad part is that my husband brings our printer paper and scrap pads of paper home from work (it’s a printing place) so I have utterly no idea exactly what kind of paper I was using.

I then asked my husband bring me home some pads of paper after I discovered this trick.  I asked for post-it pad size pads of printer paper.  He brought some home, I doodled and put a few Zentangles aside.

Today, I used those Zentangles and they didn’t transfer.  Well, they did, but not nice and clean like the first time.

I pulled out the used ones from that first try and compared the paper.  The paper from the first ones is slightly textured, kinda like parchment while the new paper is much smoother.  Ok, so I grab the scrap pad of paper that’s on my desk and the correct pen and scribble on it.  Try to transfer that, bad transfers again.  Compare papers, wrong paper.  I did use up that original pad and this is a new one.  But I thought I’d gotten it from the same stack as the first.  Paper is the same size.  Go back to that stack of pads – only 2 left and both look the same as the one on my desk.

Check the other stack of pads, the one on the fridge with magnets on the back (which I know the original pad didn’t have).  Paper size is different as well as the paper itself.

Resist urge to scream.

Try a sheet of paper from my printer.  It’s slightly textured.  Nope, bad transfer.

Wait, perhaps being soaked in rubbing alcohol changed the texture of the paper once it dried and I do have the right paper.  What else did I change?  Hmmm, I’m using tinted translucent to transfer onto.  Last time I used white.

Back to the worktable…

A few minutes later…

It’s not the paper, it’s the clay.  Both the scrap pad paper and the special pads I asked for work.  And I discovered rubbing alcohol will remove the transfer from the clay if it’s a bad transfer.

 Well, that kinda shoots down the idea I was working on (using translucent) but I have other ideas.

Back to work.

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Zentangle transfer pics (no tut yet)


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Long time no post

Sorry I havn’t gotten that tut up yet.  I’ve been really busy.  I’ll get to it after the new year.

I’ve nearly finished my next 2 ebooks – 50 More Color Combos and Another 50 Color Combos.  I thought I’d share some of my favorites as a sneak preview.

From:  50 More Color Combos


I’m not exactly sure why I like this one but I fond it very interesting.  Maybe it’s the chocolate and purple – my 2 favorite things.


This one reminds me of water.  I love the contrast of the black to the blues and pearl.


Another unlikely combo.  I love how the purple just pops.


Pirates of the Caribbean anyone.  Will Turner – OMG he is so hot.  And one has to love Captain Jack.

From:  Another 50 Color Combos


I just like this one – no reason.


Some yummy colors in this one.  I’m not sure I’d use all the colors together but 3 or 4 of them are just perfect together.

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