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I’m sorry I’ve been so lax in updating here.

The Zentangle transfer tut is delayed indefinately.  I need to make new doodles and I’ve not had the time nor inclination to do so.

I got some books as a Christmas present and I’ve been busy playing with the new things I’ve learned.  I’ll do reviews on them soon.  One was the Grant Diffendaffer book and I love it.  It’s quite a bit of info overload at first but once I got over that I’ve been having fun making textured beads.  The only thing that sucks is the sanding, but I pulled my scumbuster out of hiding and it’s not too bad using that.

I just ordered some Kato Concentrates and I’m looking forward to playing with those.  Maybe I’ll finally get a red and a nice dark purple that I can use in mica shift.  I’m also curious as to how they’ll work tinting translucent.

Speaking of translucent, I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of layering translucent canes properly.  I’ll know for sure once I finish the next tumbler batch (though I still have to make enough beads to fill the bowl).

I redid things in my Ebay store to finally take advantage of the ability to put things on sale.  I had been manually going in and changing prices of things I put in clearance but I’d noticed in my Dad’s store that he got more action on items if he used the sale feature.  So I’m trying it.  Still not exactly sure how to work all the details of removing and adding items to the sale but I’ll work that out eventually.

In between all of this I’m working on an ebook about my finishing process.  I’ve got the part about how I use my tumbler done but I need to do parts on using the scumbuster, buffing, glazing and the final bake.

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