An overabundance of beads

I have 2 problems.

1.  A lack of funds

2.  An overabundance of beads.

I have Ebay fees and my domain renewal both looming over my head and not enough funds to pay for both.

I have 3 Shoebox size plastic bins of beads.  Some are orphans, most are sets of various sizes.  All have been on Ebay and not sold.  How do I offer them up for sale?  I know they’ll go for extremely cheap, somewhere around 25 cents a bead (or less) rather than the $2 a bead I normally price them.  But how do I group them?  I’m currently working with the idea of stringing 35-40 beads (keeping sets together) sorted by color.  For example, one strand of beads would have red as the dominant color.  Another would have blue, etc.  And then offer them on auction for $5 (and hope for a bidding war).  It’ll take me months to get through them all this way (running 2 or 3 of these auctions a week along with my usual offerings).

Or maybe I should just toss the whole bunch into a flat rate box and sell them as one big lot starting at $100 or so (and still hope for a bidding war).


What do you think?  Have any ideas for me?  Leave a comment with suggestions.

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  1. Hi Dystini!
    You can list FREE at and they don’t take take any final value fees! You keep it all!
    Maybe advertise here & anywhere else you can think of to let ppl know where they can purchase them at.
    Ebay is costing me a small fortune w/ poor sales right now also….
    Anyway, just a thought. Let me know your ID if you sign up at ABU. Ke.

  2. Oops! Should of gave you my Id at ABU.
    It’s KarenRob
    Not a lot of polymer artists there right now,
    but I’m hoping it will change. 😉

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