Week 4 – day 2

I’ve caved a bit on the no fanfic rule.  Now it’s only during meals and after 10pm.

It’s counter-productive to deprive myself of reading at these times.  I’m not going to do anything other than waste time playing games after 10 pm.  And it’s not like I’m going to be creating while eating.  And by allowing myself these bits of reading, it’s easier to forgo it at other times.

Sticking to not reading during the day tho and I’m being very productive.  Washed dishes today.  Yes, all day.  You see, DH is the dishwasher here and since he’s been sick, dishes didn’t get washed.  I think we used nearly every dish we own.  They’re all clean now and put away.

Tomorrow I’m tackling the bathroom with the shop vac.  Seems odd, right?  Cat’s litter box is in there and he scatters the litter everywhere.  Sweeping just doesn’t get it all.  So I’m going to vac all the corners and edges and behind the tub.  After that it’s the corner of the bedroom.  Our bedroom is L shaped with the bed in the larger leg.  The other leg is where stuff gets tossed to get it out of the way.  I’m going to get in there and organize it.  Friday is laundry day so the timing is good in case I find long lost clothing over there.

 I get the intention behind the reading ban and it is getting me up off my butt to do things instead of sitting here reading all day.  But it’s not very effective for my creativity.  I’ve been known to forgo reading and all else when the creative muse is in the mood.  I’m just not feeling creative this week.  I dunno, maybe I’ll feel more creative once I’ve gotten this cleaning out of the way.  I may keep up the daytime reading ban beyond this week until I’ve finished the cleaning at least.

I have noticed that my creativity goes in cycles.  I’ve got ideas and inspiration for a few weeks and then nothing for a week or 2.  Maybe this week has just coincided with a nothing week.

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