A surprising bit of creativity

Perhaps The Artist’s Way is working after all.

I finally got a sign of returning creativity last night in the form of some interesting dreams.  I was doing my morning pages (which are bedtime pages for me) and one snippet of dream inspired to me to write a story.  I’m really not a writer.  I’ve dabbled in it but can’t stick with it long enough to write a long story. 

Everything I’ve read has said to follow those impulses while doing the pages so after 1 page of normal writing I launched into 6 pages of story.  It’s not done, but it’s at a good breaking point and I need to figure out the rest anyway.  It’s a fanfic style story and not appropriate for a family friendly venue such as this.  Actually, I’m not sure there is a place for it as I’ve never found any fanfic for the starring character.  Don’t know that I want to share it anyway.

So anyway, I find it interesting that I’ve been inspired to write instead of my usual methods of creativity.  I’ll go with it for as long as it lasts and see where it leads me.  Who knows, maybe I can be a fiction writer as well.

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