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cuz this isn’t at all about anything creative.

I admit, I’m really in panic mode.  It’s been a nightmare trying to get pre-approved for a house loan (who knew having no credit is almost worse than having bad credit).  The end of lease deadline is creeping up on me faster than I’d like (May 19).  While I do have plans set up for the different possible outcomes of all this, I really dislike the limbo I’m in.  I think the obsessive parts of my personality come out of hiding when I feel like this. 

I’m obsessed with packing.  Granted, it’s a great deal to do in a short time but still.  I think of packing nearly constantly, planning what to pack next and how to pack certain things.  I feel an almost overwhelming need to get up and pack something at random moments.  Saturday night I’d filled all the boxes we had and I still wanted/needed to pack more.  Got more boxes on Sunday and had the hardest time keeping myself from packing them all that day, despite being sore from carrying 2 loads of boxes down to the truck, over to my parent’s house and up to the spare room we’re using for storage.  I used over half the boxes just today.  I made my DH promise to find me more boxes at work tomorrow.  I have Dad looking at his work too.

At least I’m finally starting to see evidence of all this packing.  At first I didn’t cuz I was packing my craft closet.  Close the door and I don’t see that it’s pretty empty.  But now most of my shelving units are empty and alot of my puter desk and some of the top shelf of my work desk.  And the DVD racks are empty (or would be if I wasn’t using one to organize my puter game cases and discs.  Maybe seeing empty spaces will calm my anxiety.

Continuing last night’s post about painting, I talked to DH today and we seem to have settled quite a bit of the color choices.  Bathroom will be black and white with pewter fiuxtures.  Color will be in the rugs, towels and shower curtains and I’ll get sets of those in varying colors so I can change them out as the mood strikes.  Kitchen will be black and grey with color in the accessories, probably red.  Living room will be red and as luxurious as I can make it, with rich, plush, comfy fabrics and textures.  That one will be a long term project as I save up for the quality I want.  Bedroom will be Indian.  Not sure of the colors yet, depends what I can find in saris when I get to that point.  I’ll use saris to make the curtains and bedspread and pillow cases.  Studio – I don’t know.  I need to think on that more.

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I spent my weekend packing and my body is telling me to rest now (my back and shoulders ache).  I got to thinking about having a house of my own, a house I own.  In that house, no one (cept my DH and he said I can do anything I want) can tell me what colors I can or cannot paint a room.  I’ve never had that before.  So I’ve been thinking about what colors I’d like to paint various rooms.  I’m sharing those thoughts with you.

I love purple, rich, deep royal purple (Premo purple, actually), but that’s a really hard color to paint a wall and live with it afterwards.  I’m not so fond of lighter versions of that color.  I also love red, both bold blood red and maroon.  Gryffindor red, if you’re a Harry Potter fan.  Another hard color to paint a wall, tho easier than purple.  I like both colors with gold accents.  I’ve always wanted a purple bedroom but I’m not so sure of that now.  I like a red living room.  I painted my parents’ living room red with gold sponged over it and I love it.  Not so sure I want to do that again tho, it was a lot of work.

I’ve seen on the decorating shows solid color walls that have a subtle striping effect, like a dull stripe and a shiny stripe of the same color.  Mica shift is what it reminds me of.  I like that, does anyone know how to do it?

I’ll have a studio in the new house.  I’ve always gone with white before so the colored walls wouldn’t reflect color onto my work.  But I’m not so sure I want that anymore or that it’s all that important.  I think I want something fun and funky.  But I have no idea what.

Share with me your ideas, suggestions, and/or examples of how you’ve painted your workspace.  Or pictures you’ve seen that might inspire me on what to do with mine.  Or tell/show me what you’d love to do to your space if you could.

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Week 9 and the chaos that is my life

Yes I’m still doing The Artist’s Way.

I’ve not been writing about it cuz it’s not been helpful for the last few weeks.  I’ve already accomplished what it’s saying I should do.  I still do my morning pages (tho as bedtime pages).  I’ve been missing sat nights lately (DH being around distracts me) but I do them  the rest of the week.  I’ve had to shorten them more often than not lately, cuz they’ve not been useful but just make me more anxious.

DH and I have been in the process of getting a loan to buy a house since January.  We have no credit (literally) so we’ve had to manually collect and then submit reports from our creditors.  Our loan person took her sweet time getting these reports sent out and of course the companies took their sweet time returning them.  Last week, we got the news that our landlady wants to put the house up for sale as soon as our lease is up.  That’s in 2 months.  We’d been thinking we had some leeway in when we had to move out (we’re friends with our landlady and she’s always willing to work things out with us).  Now, there is no leeway, she needs us out so she can get the house ready for sale.  This sent me into a huge panic last week.  So my morning pages were just endless worrying about all we have to do and it just made me more anxious about the whole thing rather than making me feel better.  We’ve taken some steps to resolve some of the issues and I’m feeling better about it now.

But this also puts a monkey wrench into any creative plans I may have had.  I need to pack and clean as well as finalize loan related things and find a house to buy.  My work desk will be one of the last things I pack and I will take a few hours here and there to create if inspiration strikes but overall, I’ll be doing very little on the creative side.  I may even close my Ebay store for a week or 2 at the height of all this.

All of this doesn’t leave much time for The Artist’s Way.  I’ll continue with it and in all likelihood I’ll keep coming up on the fact that I’ve already accomplished most of it but even if I havn’t accomplished it, I won’t have much time to devote to trying to do it.  The one thing I won’t stop is the morning pages.  They are helpful, most of the time, and will certainly help me work thru the stress this whole situation will certainly cause me.

On one hand, I’m happy to finally be buying a house and have a place where I can do anything I want (including paint the walls purple with pink polka dots if I want to).  But the responsibilities of it scare the crap out of me.  I also despise packing and moving.  Thankfully my parents are letting us use one of their spare rooms as storage, otherwise I’d be in real trouble.  This is a one bedroom apartment, I simply don’t have room for all the boxes I’ll be packing.  Heck, there’s not even room for all the stuff we own.  So by taking the boxes over to their house once a week, I’ll have room to continue packing and eventually, this place will stop looking like a storage shed and more like a place to live.  (we’ve got to do something about our packrat tendancies lol)

So that’s what’s going on with me.  I expect posting here will become rare as well for the next few months as well.

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So I’m browsing Polymer Clay Central’s Forums for the first time in eons and I see posts about some colors being discontinued. 

Is this a new thing?  Are these colors (and which colors?) being discontinued all together.  Or is this just the announcement from back in 2006 being found again (the one where a bunch of colors were discontinued in the pound size but were still available in the 2oz size)?

If anyone has some info, leave me a comment.

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Happy Birthday to me

I turn 33 today.  DH turns 37.  Yes, we have the same birthday.  He’ll never forget my birthday lol.

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A string of bad luck

I don’t know what’s causing it but I seem to be having a string of bad luck. 

On Friday, all the fans on my computer including the one in the power supply decided to act funny or just plain quit working (ok so one fan’s been acting up for months, but the rest joined it).  Had to replace them all, including a new power supply and even added another fan since I had space for it.

First thing Saturday morning, I fell partway down the stairs and sprained my ankle.  And I do mean first thing.  I woke up, got up, and got dressed.  We smoke but not in the house and we live in an upper.  So I put on my jacket and head down the stairs just like I do every morning.  I must have stepped out too far on the first step cuz the next thing I know I’m sitting on my butt 4 steps down wondering what the heck just happened.  I sat there a moment before getting up and carefully going the rest of the way down.  Back when I was a teenager I severely (as in I’m lucky I didn’t break it) sprained my right ankle and for several years afterwards that ankle was prone to mild sprains so I’m very familar with how a sprained ankle feels.  So I’m sitting at the bottom of the stairs, smoking, and wondering if my ankle (it’s my right one again) is going to swell up like a balloon.  Previous experience tells me that I won’t know for 20 minutes or more (I don’t know if it’s normal but I have delayed reactions to injuries like that).  So I carefully make my way back upstairs and to my computer.  45 minutes later, only slight swelling and mild pain tells me it’s a mild sprain (thankfully).  No need to go to the doctor in that case, they’ll just tell me to wrap it, ice it, elevate it and stay off it.  I’m managing the stay off it part, mostly.  I did wrap it when we made a Walmart run (and unwrapped it as soon as I got home).  Elevated it by laying in the recliner today while playing the Wii.  To sum it up, I’m sitting as much as possible and limping when I do walk around.  And the tendancy to walk with the right foot turned out (about 45 degrees) is back with a vengeance.  I developed that tendancy after the first sprain when I was off the crutches (probably too early, I hated those things) and it was still slightly painful to walk.  With a lot of effort I learned to correct it tho it came back a bit whenever that ankle hurt (weather related aches, etc).  I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Wow, I really got sidetracked there.  Anyway, I’m now kinda afraid to do much, for fear of the next piece of bad luck.  Both events so far were personal as in what broke or was injured was mine and really only affected me (OK so DH had to run me to the store for the fans and help me install them and he’s worried about me cuz I’m injured but he’s not really been affected like I have).  The only thing I can think of that could break that would only affect me is my pasta machine.  And that’s a very scary thought.  I do have a brand new machine and motor in storage but I’m rather attached to my old ones.  They’ve been with me and worked well for me for a long time.

Wish me luck please.

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Recursive Molding – Finished

I’ve finished the Recursive Molded beads.  Tossed one back into the mold pile – the color just wasn’t appealing.  2 got tossed cuz I sanded through the veneer.  1 got tossed for being an unappealing shape and design.  About half of the rest got glazed and the rest left just buffed.  Both are good but the magpie in me is more attracted to the glazed ones – ooooooh shiny, sparkly.

So here they are:
Dont like the colors but the form is good – glazed.
Don’t like it.  I was going to trash it but DH likes it.  Says it reminds him of a seashell. – unglazed.
Like it.  Nice colors and good form. – unglazed
DH says this one looks like someone stepped on it.  I have to agree but I still like it. – unglazed
A favorite.  Love the color and the form. – unglazed
It’s purple, of course I like it. – unglazed
Interesting – unglazed
Like this one a lot.  Of course, I like the purple but I also like the shallow wide molded middle. – glazed
I really want to toss this one back into the mold pile. – Glazed in hopes of making it better.  Not sure it worked.
Good color and form.  Another favorite – glazed.
The only veneer one that worked.  Unsure about it but I think it’s growing on me. – glazed.
Gold pearl ex on black.  Not sure about it. – glazed.
Wish I could get the interior to show better, it’s interesting.  But then you have to have it at just the right angle to see in there so I’m not surprised I didn’t manage to photo it. – glazed.

They’ll go up for auction on Ebay, one a week, starting next week.

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Recursive Molding

I was playing with recursive molding from Grant Diffendaffer’s book today.

I think I understand the concept.  I think I’m getting the concept to work.  I think that the concept is to not understand what I’m doing but to just do it. 

Confused?  Me too.  But I’m having fun.

Here some pics:  Click on them to see bigger versions.

recmold001.jpg  recmold002.jpg  recmold003.jpg

 Most are metallic clays, custom color mixes, in jellyrolls.  One is black rubbed with Pearl ex gold and one is layered translucent canes (I wanted to see what would happen).  A few are canes slices, put on a sheet and rolled smooth, backed with scrap to get the thickness and then the backs covered in black.

They need to be sanded and buffed.  I’m undecided about glazing.  I may glaze some and not others.  I’ll be spending tomorrow with my trusty Scumbuster sanding away, if I can tear myself away from making more.

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