Recursive Molding – Finished

I’ve finished the Recursive Molded beads.  Tossed one back into the mold pile – the color just wasn’t appealing.  2 got tossed cuz I sanded through the veneer.  1 got tossed for being an unappealing shape and design.  About half of the rest got glazed and the rest left just buffed.  Both are good but the magpie in me is more attracted to the glazed ones – ooooooh shiny, sparkly.

So here they are:
Dont like the colors but the form is good – glazed.
Don’t like it.  I was going to trash it but DH likes it.  Says it reminds him of a seashell. – unglazed.
Like it.  Nice colors and good form. – unglazed
DH says this one looks like someone stepped on it.  I have to agree but I still like it. – unglazed
A favorite.  Love the color and the form. – unglazed
It’s purple, of course I like it. – unglazed
Interesting – unglazed
Like this one a lot.  Of course, I like the purple but I also like the shallow wide molded middle. – glazed
I really want to toss this one back into the mold pile. – Glazed in hopes of making it better.  Not sure it worked.
Good color and form.  Another favorite – glazed.
The only veneer one that worked.  Unsure about it but I think it’s growing on me. – glazed.
Gold pearl ex on black.  Not sure about it. – glazed.
Wish I could get the interior to show better, it’s interesting.  But then you have to have it at just the right angle to see in there so I’m not surprised I didn’t manage to photo it. – glazed.

They’ll go up for auction on Ebay, one a week, starting next week.

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  1. I prefer the unglazed ones. Nice work!

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