I spent my weekend packing and my body is telling me to rest now (my back and shoulders ache).  I got to thinking about having a house of my own, a house I own.  In that house, no one (cept my DH and he said I can do anything I want) can tell me what colors I can or cannot paint a room.  I’ve never had that before.  So I’ve been thinking about what colors I’d like to paint various rooms.  I’m sharing those thoughts with you.

I love purple, rich, deep royal purple (Premo purple, actually), but that’s a really hard color to paint a wall and live with it afterwards.  I’m not so fond of lighter versions of that color.  I also love red, both bold blood red and maroon.  Gryffindor red, if you’re a Harry Potter fan.  Another hard color to paint a wall, tho easier than purple.  I like both colors with gold accents.  I’ve always wanted a purple bedroom but I’m not so sure of that now.  I like a red living room.  I painted my parents’ living room red with gold sponged over it and I love it.  Not so sure I want to do that again tho, it was a lot of work.

I’ve seen on the decorating shows solid color walls that have a subtle striping effect, like a dull stripe and a shiny stripe of the same color.  Mica shift is what it reminds me of.  I like that, does anyone know how to do it?

I’ll have a studio in the new house.  I’ve always gone with white before so the colored walls wouldn’t reflect color onto my work.  But I’m not so sure I want that anymore or that it’s all that important.  I think I want something fun and funky.  But I have no idea what.

Share with me your ideas, suggestions, and/or examples of how you’ve painted your workspace.  Or pictures you’ve seen that might inspire me on what to do with mine.  Or tell/show me what you’d love to do to your space if you could.

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  1. My mom did a striping technique like you’re talking about & it looks fantastic. She used a flat/matte paint and a semi-gloss paint in the same color — the way the light reflects differently off the types of paints creates a really neat effect. It’s very much like mica shift, though I’d never thought it of that way before!

    I found this tutorial that tells how to do the painting technique (“Staying in the lines” in the gray box): http://homescape.honoluluadvertiser.com/homes/april05/hs0405_st4

    Good luck with everything — I bet you’ll love having a place of your own!

  2. I can SO identify with the wish for color on walls! And I’ve done it. And LOVED it. May I offer some suggestions, from one who’s been there. ( I painted a livingroom “Skateboard Green” once. When I was having it mixed, and enthusing to the man at the paint store about how great it was going to look in the livingroom, he adamant that I could NOT paint THIS bright a color in a LIVINGROOM! He wanted to not sell it to me. Everyone who saw that finished room loved it. *grin*)

    If the color you want seems a bit overpowering for an entire room, paint one wall that color. The rest can be white, or a paler version of your trump color. Live with one wall a while, see how you like it. It also makes a difference on the size of the room, how many windows and doors and other surfaces are in the room, and other things like how many wall decorations (paintings) you have.

    I do think white is good in a art workroom. It makes for a great clear backdrop for all those colors you’re going to hang there for inspiration.

    I love that wonderful red too. I saw that done as the back of a full wall of bookcases and hanging posters, pictures and diplomas in an accountants office once. It looked great!

    Consider this trick for color. Get fabric in colors/prints you love. Soak the fabric in liquid starch, and just paste it to the wall. You could do a whole wall that way. And taking it down is as easy as pulling it down, washing down the wall, and throwing the fabric in the wash to be used elsewhere.

    Two texture walls of same color could be as easy as painting the wall with a matte paint color, then masking off with painter’s tape the stripes you want glossier, and going over those with the same color in semi gloss or eggshell. Or just spraying varnish on the stripes.

    I’m just buying a home, and I can’t WAIT to attack it with a paintbrush. I say be bold, go for it. Builders beige begone!!!!!

    Have fun!

  3. Thanks for the comments. It’s great to see someone else who loves colors like I do and who isn’t afraid to use it. 😉 I’m pretty sure I’ll do red in the living room with the striped technique.

    The bedroom will wait until I find a comforter or bed set that I love and I’ll take the color from that. Might be purple, might be red, who knows.

    I’m pondering the kitchen and bathroom now. Maybe I’ll wait to pick the bathroom color til I find a shower curtain I love. The kitchen – no ideas.

    Maybe I’ll put a chair rail in the studio and go funky below it and white above. Or maybe not, considering all my storage would probably cover the funky bottom. Maybe one wall funky and the rest white. Maybe use your fabric idea for the funky wall. That way I could easily change it when I get tired of it.

    Thanks for the ideas and support!

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