Skip if you just want polymer clay musings

cuz this isn’t at all about anything creative.

I admit, I’m really in panic mode.  It’s been a nightmare trying to get pre-approved for a house loan (who knew having no credit is almost worse than having bad credit).  The end of lease deadline is creeping up on me faster than I’d like (May 19).  While I do have plans set up for the different possible outcomes of all this, I really dislike the limbo I’m in.  I think the obsessive parts of my personality come out of hiding when I feel like this. 

I’m obsessed with packing.  Granted, it’s a great deal to do in a short time but still.  I think of packing nearly constantly, planning what to pack next and how to pack certain things.  I feel an almost overwhelming need to get up and pack something at random moments.  Saturday night I’d filled all the boxes we had and I still wanted/needed to pack more.  Got more boxes on Sunday and had the hardest time keeping myself from packing them all that day, despite being sore from carrying 2 loads of boxes down to the truck, over to my parent’s house and up to the spare room we’re using for storage.  I used over half the boxes just today.  I made my DH promise to find me more boxes at work tomorrow.  I have Dad looking at his work too.

At least I’m finally starting to see evidence of all this packing.  At first I didn’t cuz I was packing my craft closet.  Close the door and I don’t see that it’s pretty empty.  But now most of my shelving units are empty and alot of my puter desk and some of the top shelf of my work desk.  And the DVD racks are empty (or would be if I wasn’t using one to organize my puter game cases and discs.  Maybe seeing empty spaces will calm my anxiety.

Continuing last night’s post about painting, I talked to DH today and we seem to have settled quite a bit of the color choices.  Bathroom will be black and white with pewter fiuxtures.  Color will be in the rugs, towels and shower curtains and I’ll get sets of those in varying colors so I can change them out as the mood strikes.  Kitchen will be black and grey with color in the accessories, probably red.  Living room will be red and as luxurious as I can make it, with rich, plush, comfy fabrics and textures.  That one will be a long term project as I save up for the quality I want.  Bedroom will be Indian.  Not sure of the colors yet, depends what I can find in saris when I get to that point.  I’ll use saris to make the curtains and bedspread and pillow cases.  Studio – I don’t know.  I need to think on that more.

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