I hate waiting

I ordered all kinds of goodies from polymerclayexpress on Monday.  Got notice that it shipped yesterday and it should arrive on Friday.  I hate this waiting period.  Why can’t they invent teleporting so that I can order and then “poof” it’s here.

What did I order?

PCE M-Extruder with 40-General Discs (bottom of page)

Small Barrel Accessory with 40-General Discs (bottom of page)

2.5mm Bead Corer PCE Extruder Accessory (3rd section from top)

2.5mm Coring Disk (3rd section from top)

Bracelet 3 Disk (2nd section from bottom)

All of the above are found on this page: Extruder and accessories

TheArtWay Workshop Video Mari O’Dell Boxes,Bangles,FocalBeads DVD

TheArtWay Workshop Video Cindy Beljan Extruding Canes DVD

These 2 DVDs are found on this page 2nd section from the top: Extruder and accessories

AbbaDabba DVD Arabesque Canes

This DVD is found at the bottom of this page: Abba Dabba Videos

So with all of this I will be able to extrude bits to make canes (hey, maybe I can get closer to precision caning), extrude tube beads, make tile bracelets and whatever the dvds teach me.

The Arabesque caning video will be fun.  I like Jana’s work and I’ve played around with it a bit but I’m really looking forward to learning more and trying more.

Unfortunately with it arriving on Friday, odds are that I won’t really get to do much with them til Monday.  Friday is payday so we have runs to make that evening.  I might get to watch a dvd, if I’m lucky.  And then the weekends are packed with house projects.  Hopefully we’ll get the big freezer put back together and the cabinet that goes between it and the stove in.  Then maybe I can finally unpack the last of the kitchen boxes.

Now I have to go do some laundry.  Have I mentioned that we have a laundry chute?  It might just be the most awesome thing about this house. No more carrying dirty clothes down 2 flights of stairs.  Yeah the clean clothes have to be carried up but I can usually get my DH to do it.

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  1. I have always wanted a laundry chute! Have fun with your new supplies!

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