I’m just about out of orphans beads to sell.  What I have left now is a wide assortment of pendants.  I’m trying to decide how to group them. 

They’re a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns.  Right now I have them separated by shape – stars, hearts, teardrops, circles, squares (diamonds and rectangles too),  pointy ovals, shield, and misc.  Is this a good way to group them?  Some of the above groups will be grouped together since I only have a few of each.  Others may be separated into more than one lot.  I’m also undecided as to how many pendants to put in a lot.  I did the orphan beads as strands of about 35.  Now pendants use more clay (usually) so maybe groups of 15.

Does anyone have any ideas or opinions?

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An example of matching yet different.

This post from Stef Créations shows something I want to achieve.  All of the beads are different yet they match.  Of course I’d rather do them in round than in discs like that but I really like those (helps that they’re purple too.)

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What I’ve been up to

Which is not too much.  I did get a bunch of beads made, which are now in the tumbler.  And that tumbler is temporarily set up in the basement.  We’ll be building a cabinet for it in my studio.  Why isn’t it in my studio now.  While it is a vibratory tumbler and therefore quieter than a rotary, the vibrations give me a headache if it’s in the same room.  By building a solid, sturdy cabinet with a door in my room, I can close it off and still have it nearby (so I remember to change grits on time).

I’ve also been working on another color combo ebook.  It’s going well.  Just needed to take a break from it to get the beads made.  And I needed those cuz I’m finally running out of orphans to auction.

I won a Barnes and Noble gift card recently and have been agonizing over what to buy.  It was only $25 and what I wanted was way more that that.  I finally decided to go for it and ordered 4 books, 3 of which are preorders.  And to get the free shipping, I had to chose to ship in as few packages as possible.  That means I won’t get any of it until the preordered books are in, which is Sept, Early Nov and Late Nov.  So now I basically have to forget I ordered so that I don’t get the “where’s my stuff” itch.  And I’ll probably forget so well that when I do get the package I’ll say “Where’d this stuff come from?  Oh yeah, I ordered it back in August.”  I spose I could just call it buying my own Christmas present early.

Here’s what I  ordered:
The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques: Projects and Inspiration for Creative Canework
Donna Kato, Vernon Ezell (Photographer) (preorder)

Polymer Clay and Mixed Media – Together at Last: Incorporating Craft Materials and Found Objects in Clay Figures (preorder)
Christi Friesen

Clay Art for All Seasons
Yukiko Miyai

Brisingr (Inheritance Cycle #3)
Christopher Paolini (preorder)

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