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I overdid it

I’ve been working hard this week and it seems I’ve overdone it.  I’ve got tendontitis or a pulled muscle or something.  Hurts to move my wrist so I’m in a wrist brace and I won’t be claying for the next week.  Which sucks cuz I was on a roll.  I got some new books and dvds and made new canes that I really like.  And I got inspired to make a butterfly cane.  But some of those canes were huge and I had to beat them to reduce them.  And I was squishing big chunks of scrap to make base beads.  One or the other or both messed up my wrist/forearm.

I’ll try to get pics of the canes and what I’ve made so far (baked but not sanded, etc) for you tomorrow.

Mousing and typing is akward too so I think now I’ll just go watch the special on Shaun White that’s on espn right now.  (I’m a closet X-sports fan lol)

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Hidden Magic simplified

From  a French blog: Hidden Magic simplified

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