Mokume Mosaic

Oodles of mokume gane to be found, both the translucent and metal leaf variety and the solid color (often mica shifty) variety.


1. Pingente Mokume Gane oval, 2. Moody Blues, 3. Close-up of mini-mokume gane set, 4. Handmade Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Round Bead Set of 15 – Blue Chocolate, 5. Versicolor Heart, 6. Mokume Gane Pendant, 7. black donut pendant 1, 8. Lime Sparkle, 9. Byzantine necklace, 10. Mystic Broccoli Box, 11. Mokume Gane Pillows, 12. Close up antique Jade, 13. Mokume Gane Pendant Mermaid´s Dream, 14. mokume gane switchplate lightswitch cover, 15. mokume gane brooch, 16. mokume gane pendants, 17. MokumeGaneCabs, 18. Mokume Gane Style Polymer Clay Beads, 19. mg-cuff-bmy2, 20. Mokume Gane Pendant, 21. Mokume Gane Technique, 22. UrbanViolet necklace, 23. Light on Water, 24. Sunset, 25. Mokume gane green earrings, 26. magnet 016 glass mg, 27. mirror 11 pocket MG, 28. Mokume heart side 2, 29. Tile Bracelet, 30. mokume gane close, 31. amethyst mokume gane ornament – view 2, 32. What I did this week, 33. mokume earrings, 34. Mokume Gane Polymer Clay Bead, 35. red treasure pendant 1, 36. Sun Harvest Earrings

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