Flower cane Mosaic

Flower canes

I’m so in the mood for Spring but here in Wisconsin we have another month and a half to 2 months before I can even think about going out and playing in the garden.  These flower canes will have to tide me over.

Now there are several awesome flower cane artists on Flicker.  I could have easily done a whole mosaic for each one but I chose to limit their appearances and find others who also made gorgeous flower canes.


1. New Polymer Clay Flower Canes, 2. 1 032, 3. Black and White with translucent background, 4. new flower cane, 5. Turquoise flower cane, 6. Aug flower canes, 7. Turquoise & Brown Flower Cane, 8. Translucent and white flower cane, 9. violet flower, 10. Spring Blends To Blooms, 11. Tulip cane, 12. after reducing, 13. New Millefiori Canes, 14. matriochka fleur rouge 1 et 2, 15. Spring, 16. rose cane, 17. Blue and green flower cane, 18. blue flower, 19. pansies, 20. cane476, 21. Polymer Clay Canes, 22. S-121k, 23. Barb’s Garden Cane, 24. Cane Making, 25. c-004, 26. Polymer Clay Flower Canes (raw), 27. Group Photo of Polymer Clay Flower Canes, 28. green flower, 29. flower canes, 30. 1 137, 31. Tulips, 32. pink&violet canes, 33. cane513, 34. Polymer Clay Millefiori Sunflower Cane, 35. Leah, 36. cane423

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