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One more Squidoo Lens:  What I’m working on this week.

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Just listed on Etsy

Marirraya the Red and Gold Phoenix

Neptunes Playground Vase

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Squidoo and Twitter

I’ve discovered Squidoo and created 2 lenses.

Dystini – a biography

Color Recipes in Polymer Clay

I can also be found on Twitter:

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Too much time to think

Sifting through sandpaper chips when changing grits leaves a lot of time for my mind to wander.  This is what it wandered to tonight.

How many times do I handle a bead from creation to ready-for-sale?

  1. Creating the bead.
  2. Putting the hole in the bead.
  3. Putting the bead on the baking tray
  4. Removing the bead from the baking tray (this is a group thing where I may not touch each and every bead).
  5. Putting beads into tumbler for first grit (another group thing).
  6. Switching grits (in which I touch every bead as I sift through the sandpaper chips).  Repeat 6 times.
  7. Sifting through the last grit.
  8. Spreading beads on towel to dry (group thing).
  9. Buffing each bead.
  10. Putting each bead on a wire and dipping in glaze.
  11. Removing beads from drying rack (group thing).
  12. Placing bead on rack for final bake to set the glaze.
  13. Removing beads from racks (group thing).
  14. Removing wire from bead.
  15. Stringing beads into sets.
  16. Photographing (once into the photo box and once out, as a set so group thing).
  17. Placing in “to sell box” (group thing).
  18. Removing from box to list (group thing).
  19. Placing on pegboard as listed (group thing).

So I touch each individual bead at least 15 times, possibly as many as 25 times.  Add to that, moving them to the clearance section of the pegboard and/or getting them ready to ship and you can add another 2 or 3 times.

I’ve got to find a more efficient method to separate beads from sandpaper chips.

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