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I’m browsing my collection of non-English blogs for the first time in months.  Here’s something I found interesting.
Another way to make petals for a flower cane

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Most interesting

I was intrigued by the Zentangle Post at Polymer Clay Notes a few days ago and grabbed a handy pad of paper and a pen and started doodling.  I finished 2 of them and had them sitting in a bowl on my desk wondering what to do with them now.

This morning, I had the thought of transfering them to clay.  The pen I used smears on coated papers and I thought it might transfer just by burnishing it onto the clay.  So I tried that.  Let it sit a few minutes and nothing.  Thought of the gin transfers I’ve heard of.  Grabbed my bottle of rubbing alcohol  and a cotton ball and rubbed some over the back of the paper on the clay.  Peeled up a corner and oooooooo – it transfered.  Removed the paper and set the clay aside to dry.

Ok, now what?  It needs color as I just used plain white clay.  Grab my Pinata inks since they’re translucent.  Dab some on alcohol soaked cotton balls and dab over the clay.  Cool, I can still see the transfer.  Dab several colors on.  Looks good.  Ok, cut into shapes for pendants.  They’re in the oven now.

I’ll work up a tut with pics next week and post it.  The paper I used is just plain paper, like you’d use in a printer.  Maybe a little thicker than that.  The pen is a Pilot PreciseGrip Extrafine.

In the future I might color the clay first.  Use a light hand with the alcohol when rubbing it on the paper – it just needs to be damp, not soaked.  Too much makes the ink run.  I’ll probably need to cover the surface somehow.  This time I’ll probably paint it with a coat of TLS but in the future I’ll put a superthin layer of translucent on it before I cut it into shapes.

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I highly recommend taking a texture break now and then.  I was working on mica shift last night and lamenting the fact that I don’t have unusual texture to use.  I complained to my husband who promptly rummaged through his stuff and found things for me to mold.


Click the pic to see it larger.

Top left – the loop part of a macrame bracelet he made
top right – the bottom of a roll of thick hemp
bottom left – the wires from an old computer power supply
bottom 2nd from left – the main part of that bracelet
bottom 2nd from right – piece of chain mail
bottom right – my only find, a shirt of mine

I have some ideas about carving some clay for texture uses, once I find the carving bits for my dremel.

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This and that

My husband went back to work today so I’m having something that resembles a normal day.

I’m playing with clay and playing is the key word.  I’m not really trying to finish anything or “make that which will sell.”  Just messing with some things I’ve been wanting to try.

I’ve got some gold/silver leaf covered scrap baking for some faux cloisonne.  And I’m trying the same technique (without the leaf) on one of the glitter pendants.

I cleaned out my clay gun to make the strings for the cloisonne and decided to try one of the tricks I’ve read about to make it easier to clean.  I cut some parchment paper to fit the inside of the barrel and put the clay inside that.  The paper got smooshed but the barrel looks clean.  This trick may inspire me to use the clay gun more often.  I hate cleaning it so I avoided using it.

I think I’ll go through my idea lists and see if there’s any other ideas that use a clay gun and give those a try today.

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Earring rack

Here’s how to make a cool rack to hold earrings:

comment ranger ses colliers et ses boucles d’oreilles ?

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“less scrap clay” philosophy

I’m attempting to put my “less scrap clay” philosophy into action.  I’m working on stuff from my last ideas list.  I made pendants, then grinded the scrap from them and made around 50 little 10mm spacer beads and then took the rest and made them into swirlies.  All I dumped into my scrap bowl was a pinch or so of clay.  This is a good thing!  I’ve got 10+ pounds of scrap clay already.  If I keep this up, and figure out how to use up all that scrap I’ll be in good shape.  Maybe I should plan a big (not bead) art project to use up that scrap.  I’ll have to think on it.

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Fun with a Coffee Grinder


I’ve been having am ongoing battle with coffee grinders.

 I’m on my 3rd one in less than a month.  I think I’ve finally found the secret to not killing them.

I’ve been using scrap.  Gather a pile of like colored scrap.  Now take your blade and chop this scrap into tiny pieces – no more than 2 or 3mm.  Take a tablespon or so of this chopped up clay and dump it in the grinder.  Grind for 5 seconds.  Drop in another tablespoon and repeat.  Do this 4 or 5 times.  Dump out the clay and start over til you’ve grinded all the chopped clay.  Compress the pile of clay bits into a log and you’ve got a pretty speckled log of clay.

Make speckled beads.  Sometimes it makes a pretty swirl bead.  Use it for the base under translucents.  Roll a slice thru the pasta machine a few times to create a striped sheet (fold the same way for each pass) or a marbled sheet (fold any which way you like).  Use the log instead of a solid color in a cane.

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