It gets easier

I managed to accomplish all that I wanted to do and more.  I’ve got most of the info pages done and a “404 – page not found” page that’s almost too good to hide away like it will be.

The key was finding the one tutorial that covered what you must do first before editing any other page. Tutorial

Once I did that, everything flowed fairly smoothly, cept for having to think up the info for the assorted pages.  Keep in mind that what I’ve been doing is customized the look and layout.  Adding items is easy.  I’m still struggling some with the payment and shipping modules.  Can’t seem to figure out how to add an option for insurance.  And I’m not entirely sure if I like how I set it up.  Plus I’m still waiting for the Paypal part to activate.

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Success – a little

I’ve decided it might be interesting to document the saga that will be my attempt to setup my Zencart store.

An hour of battling (and uninstalling and reinstalling the store) and I’ve managed to get the start of my custom look set up.  And I managed to change the welcome message.  Next up:  changing the logo, tagline and mainpage text.  Maybe even changing the color

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Decending into the depths of insanity

My website ( is woefully out of date.  And I really want a store (with cart and stuff) not associated with Ebay or Etsy.  So out of the ecommerce solutions my host offers I chose Zencart as it seemed to be the easiest. 

Right, sure, easy you say.  I’m barely into configuring things and I’m already going insane.  I picked up a book on PHP awhile back and I think I need to dig it out so I can customize the pages.  I wonder if I can find someone who will do if for me, cheap. 

I also need to set up a store for Dad once I’ve figured out mine.

If anyone has any tips or wants to help me out, contact me.  I’ll give free beads to the one who helps me the most.

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