Troubles with elastic cord

I’ve been trying to string an elastic bracelet for over a week now.  First, I strung it and then realized I needed small beads between the polymer clay beads.  Took it apart and added the small beads.  One of the elastic cords came untied (despite superglue) when I was trying to tug the knots into a polymer clay bead.  Restrung that one and then the cords stretched too much.  Took it apart, reamed the holes in the polymer clay beads so the cord didn’t get stuck and restrung.   The knots came undone again.

I’m going to end up using a whole spool of this cord on this one bracelet if this keeps up.

What is the best way to secure elastic cord?  I’ve been tying knots and then covering the knots in superglue.  Obviously, this is not the best method.  It’s .7mm Elastic Magic cord.  Would crimping it be better?

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  1. Hey! Long time no see. 🙂 For elastic knots, I put clear nail polish over. I’ve been experimenting for a month now. I’ve heard super glue deteriorates the knot.

    • Hey, great to see you again. Thanks for the info, I’ll have to try it. That bracelet is still sitting on my desk, waiting to be finished.

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