Yet more website additions

 Added more stuff last night.

1.  Hair Baubles
2.  Keychains
3.  Charms
4.  Bracelets – the 2nd half of the page.

I have another pile of things to photo and add – dragons, eggs, spheres, and assorted other things.

And I dug up a small pile of things that need to be sanded and finished – pens and spheres.

Until I get the box of stuff that’s at my parents’ house, that should be it.  I’m heading over there tomorrow tho and I know there’s at least one thing in that box, probably more, that I’ll be able to add.

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More items added to the website.

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I’ve added a bunch more items to the website.  The following are some of my favorites.

1. Tribal Spirals Mask

2. Runes in Faux Malachite and Ivory

3. Gold Raku Dragon – 2nd one on the page.

4. Buttons – all of them.

I have more to add but I need to take more pics and I’m undecided as to how to group them and prices.

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