I’m starting to get that sculpting itch again

I’m still not that good but I’m feeling the need to try.  Hey, I’ll never get any good if I don’t keep trying, right?

So on that note, here are some links to sculpting tutorials.

Learn To Make
Fantasy Film Fairy Wings

sculpting a face
Hands, eyes, feet
Hands, face and more
Many tuts
Head and fairy moon
Lots of links to sculpting tuts of all kinds
Lots of info

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Week 2

I’m sure you’re asking what happened to week 1.  I skipped it.  As much and as hard as I could think I just couldn’t come up with anyone negative, at least that I could remember in enough detail to say it bothered me.  I’ve already dismissed all past negativity so it has no effect on me anymore.

So week 2.  One of the tasks is listing jobs you’d like to have.  One of mine is clothing design.  I’ve been thinking on this all day.  Way back in my senior year of high school my art class was sort of freeform with one of the best art teachers EVER, Mrs. J.  One of the things we dabbled in was costume design on a doll.  I vaguely remember my doll.  Unfortunately I have no pics nor can I find it.  From what I can remember it was dressed kinda in cross between Victorian and Moulin Rouge.  Red satin and black lace with a hoop under the skirt and a stomacher.  What I can’t remember is what the face and arms were made of (tho I’m sure they were scary considering my lack of sculpting skills lol).

So I’m thinking today on how I could dabble in that kind of clothing design today.  Ok, so I could sculpt a head and arms and even a body but that takes too long and as I said before, my sculpting skills suck.  I don’t have molds for said body parts.  Hmm, I can sculpt a decent female body, if it’s not detailed.  So maybe I could make headless and armless mannequins and then dress those.

Or maybe I should buy old Barbies at the thrift stores and behead and dismember them and use those.  Both could work (could even mold the dismembered parts) but the former is more achievable at the moment (gotta talk DH into taking me to the thrift stores).  I’ve got some fabric scraps around here somewhere.  Any sewing is an issue since I don’t have a machine but I could save any sewing bits for when I visit Mom and Dad or hand sew them.  I’d prefer to glue as much as possible.

Ok, pretty well solved that issue.

I also thought of making hats for the sculptures (if I went ahead and made heads).  The type that had veils or could be tipped over the face to hide it.  Then I thought about making hats of polyclay as pendants.  I may play with that idea.

And there’s also the idea of using polyclay to make the clothes.

 I would dearly love to make the exquisite and delicate featured fairies, etc I’ve seen made from polyclay.  And maybe someday I will.  But right now that’s beyond my skills.  The ideas in this post, tho, are within my skills and may help me improve my sculpting skills so that one day I can make a beautiful fairy.  And they would feed my wish to design clothing.

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Sculpt Progress 1


I have a head and body done and baked.  Now I have to sand the heck out of it to smooth out the lumpies.  I tried and tried and but I cannot get it smooth before baking.  I anticipate having to add bits of clay and rebaking to get it looking smooth.  Now where did I put that 220 grit sandpaper…

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